Outsourcing Services

EQOD provides custom, high-quality BPO (business process outsourcing) solutions. Our services include project management, data processing, image processing, artificial intelligence support solutions, translation and transcription services, call center management, content accessibility services, high-volume indexing solutions, litigation support, typesetting services, eBook conversion services, and more.

Data Processing Services

We support the entire spectrum of creating, converting, editing, enhancing and presenting digital content. Our focus is to ensure content accuracy. Our most experienced staff make up our data processing quality assurance teams. We perform up to 100% manual checking. In addition, our programmers develop custom in-house software programs for many of our data processing projects. This helps us deliver exceptional quality data services at a low cost with very fast turn-around times.

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Publish on Demand (PoD) Support

While digital content is steadily making progress, there are still some who wish for the traditional, with paperbacks and hardbound books, novels, and such continuing to become bestsellers and collection pieces.

Manuscripts and documents need thorough checking before they can be print-ready. EQOD’s team of expert editors, typesetters, QA, and project management staff make sure that your copies are guaranteed ready for publishing on time, every time.

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Media Services

Although media comes in many forms, the more popular ones are the videos and audios that you see all over the web, as they get converted into viral content. These forms are what most people relate to nowadays, as they like and share content. Making sure that you get the best results for your media content is an assurance we can definitely give.

Count on EQOD to provide the best results for your media needs, especially on video and audio creation, formatting, and conversion.

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Customer Engagement

With a myriad of industries, there are businesses that need to communicate with their clients and customers clearly and conveniently. Effective and successful engagement is key, as consumer impression can either make or break the business.

EQOD provides complete contact center services. Be it inbound contacts for customer service and feedback, outbound calls for sales and follow-ups, or a full-on omni-channel customer interaction, we are equipped with the latest contact and call placement apps, records indexing and retrieval programs, and robust servers and data infrastructure that can readily handle your contacts database.

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Administrative Support

A good business, be it a start-up or an expansion, runs on databases and records, and managing data can be quite a daunting task. Focus on the other aspects of your business and let EQOD handle your documentation and records.

From electronic conversions of manuscripts and reports, to management of document reviews and forms processing, EQOD can take care of all your support needs. Aside from in-house documentation experts, we also have strict protocols and security infrastructure in place to guarantee complete confidentiality for your records.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

EQOD's complete roster of services includes making sure that your data can be read by both users and machine. Aside from making sure that your visible data is read clearly and correctly by viewers, we also offer services like polygon creation and labeling to make sure that your data is organized in its back-end details and processed correctly by programs and apps.

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Web Accessibility

While more content flows in the digital world, most people still find it hard to access data and information due to disabilities. This entailed the government to further enhance the National Rehabilitation Act of 1973, with requirements for accessibility on online and digital content, including websites, applications, media, and more.

With more than a decade of providing expert outsourcing solutions, EQOD specializes in making digital content Section 508-compliant. Our list of compliance solutions make sure that people with sensory disabilities or the elderly, be it clients or employees, have equal access to and use of information and data.

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The digital age has evolved with both upsides and downsides. With the media already becoming an all-encompassing entity, most messages and focus should be distilled into as short medium as possible, with attention spans of users getting shorter in every engagement.

With EQOD’s full-cover animation support, we are your go-to experts for anything and everything animated. From conceptualization, wireframe and storyboards, to full-project execution and feedback, our protocols dictate quality-driven results for your animation tasks. We offer a variety of services and products on how to translate your ideas into moving words and images.

EQOD animation products include, but are not limited to, 2D and 3D animation,whiteboard graphics, and full-motion shorts. Count on us to get the most effective graphics tool for your explainer videos, YouTube placement ads, internal videos, and other interactive content.

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