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Accessible Content
Why it Matters
The EQOD Difference
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available to all.

Our expertise in accessibility reviews and remediation mean that you can have standards-compliant content for your digital materials. We manage all volumes of data, from simple content conversion, to creating standards-compliant media from start to finish.

Accessibility Review

To make your digital content like websites and electronic materials accessible to all, there are sets of standards and checklist items that need to be met. EQOD has a team of accessibility experts to help look for issues and concerns in your content, and if possible, recommend steps for remediation.

Accessible Media Transcription

Let people with sensory disabilities experience your content through our transcription services. Be it text highlights for videos and images, or complete transcription service for your audio and video files, EQOD guarantees 100% accuracy and quick turnaround time.

Video Captions and Time Coding

People having a hard time hearing clearly, or those who cannot hear at all, can still enjoy your videos via closed captions. We can work with your subtitle files and code them in time with the visuals, or work from start to finish, transcribing scripts and lines for SRT files and incorporating them in your media.

Media Tagging

Captions are not only for videos. With EQOD, you can get all-inclusive accessibility solutions, as we also provide alternative text tagging for your image files. Visually-impaired people can still get a full experience from your websites, eBooks, and other digital content with our services.

Document Digitization Services

Convert your records and database into digital content that is accessible to all. EQOD provides complete digitization solutions, from data entry, indexing, to retrieval that meets the strictest requirements for Section 508 Compliance.

Digital Content Design

Aside from conversion to standards-compliant format, we can also incorporate Section 508 Compliance into your digital content, and create files from scratch. From mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized websites, videos and animation, to publication materials like eBooks, we can create digital content that is accessible to all.

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