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Our full scope of outsourcing solutions guarantees exceptional results on every level. From data entry and indexing, to managing customer calls and inquiries, EQOD provides a variety of outsourcing services for your every need.

Data Services

Automating processes like data capture and entry will definitely cut down on business costs. However, automation may also take out stringent quality control by specialist operators who know the ins and outs of the process.

Get the best of both worlds with EQOD. We use customized automation programs to keep your data collection and retrieval smooth and convenient. Meanwhile, we have a team of expert data operators and QA specialists who can handle and sift through volumes of raw data to come out with high-quality results for your intended output.

Data Collection

Our team of experts can mine details and information based on your parameters. Aside from data mining, our complete data services also include aggregation and data processing to give you concise yet precise output.

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Indexing And Retrieval

Let our specialists enter or update data into your databases and archives. With EQOD, we guarantee accurate and quick results in populating documents, tables, spreadsheets, and other digital content which you can easily retrieve and manage.

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Transaction Processing

While it is a critical part of your business, different transactions to keep it running may be time-consuming and repetitive. If you need a team of process specialists that can help ease your day-to-day activities in business, EQOD will build a team for you.

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Records and Back-office Services

A good business, be it a start-up or an expansion, runs on databases and records, and managing data can be quite a daunting task. Focus on the other aspects of your business and let EQOD handle your documentation and records.

From electronic conversions of manuscripts and reports, to management of document reviews and forms processing, EQOD can take care of all your support needs. Aside from in-house documentation experts, we also have strict protocols and security infrastructure in place to guarantee complete confidentiality for your records.

Conversion And Formatting

We convert documents into digital records, or change file formats according to your needs. We also provide editing and formatting services, meeting your requirements for styles and layout on PDFs, images, eBooks, and other digital files.

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Review And Indexing

Keeping accurate records are important to your business. With EQOD’s exceptional services, we can assist in filing and organizing your records. Our expert staff are details-oriented and focused, so we guarantee careful review and precise indexing of your database and records.

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Litigation Support Services

Law documents and summaries need legal expertise. With our select team of legal encoders, we provide legal coding and indexing, summary and document reviews, redaction, and other documentation support for your litigation records.

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Publish on Demand (PoD) Support

While digital content is steadily making progress, there are still some who wish for the traditional, with paperbacks and hardbound books, novels, and such continuing to become bestsellers and collection pieces.

Manuscripts and documents need thorough checking before they can be print-ready. EQOD’s team of expert editors, typesetters, QA, and project management staff make sure that your copies are guaranteed ready for publishing on time, every time.


Well-designed text in printed properties is a mark of expert authorship, reducing distractions for readers and adding to their enjoyment. Let our professional typesetters give your materials an updated and modern look from cover to cover.

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Proofreading and style guide audit

Aside from designing from scratch, our typesetters also work with published works, becoming QA specialists who checks and audits materials against your requirements and style guide. Get high-quality and consistent style and design for your documents with EQOD.

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Copy editing

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Particularly important for new authors and publishers, you need new, experienced set of eyes to check manuscripts for errors, inconsistencies, and other details that might have been overlooked. EQOD provides expert manuscript critiques and comprehensive edits for your copies that guarantee well-edited results.

Cover art and graphics design

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A well-made cover, as well as illustrated designs and images are big factors for well-received books. From conceptualizing your thoughts, to producing layout and colors, our professional graphic designers guarantee quality art to bring your ideas to life with covers and illustrations that you’ll be proud to put your name on.

e-Content Services

With continuing expansion of the web, almost all businesses now rely on electronic and digital content. Our all-encompassing content curation and management make sure that your business will not be left behind.

Our digital content management services are all-inclusive. From content creation for websites, video placement ads on YouTube, eBook conversion and creation, to SEO or transcription services for your video and audio libraries, EQOD guarantees exceptional quality and efficient turn-around time. With these core competencies, we assure you of first-rate online and digital content on time, every time.

Digital Publishing

Our experience in digital content is carried over on one of our main service competencies, all-inclusive publication of multimedia files. From start to finish, we create, design, edit, and manage e-content like eBooks, digital audio books, PDF and digital documents, and other multimedia content.

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Video Editing And Animation

Aside from multimedia creation, we can also edit and improve on your pre-recorded videos. Convert formats, add animation, and create interactive content. Our graphic designers have the experience and knowledge to come out with the output you require.

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Video And Audio Transcription

Aside from being accessibility-compliant, most people prefer closed captions and subtitles, or ready transcripts of what they are hearing. EQOD offers accurate subtitle and transcript capture services for your videos and audio clips.

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Website Development

As digital content experts, EQOD also provides complete Internet visibility package for businesses. Let our web designers create, manage, and update your websites so your business will be visible and included in top search results online.

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YouTube Video Ads Placement

Boost your online visibility and improve your search rankings with keywords-enriched videos under your own account in YouTube. Aside from template designs, we also work with customized video creations to come out with the needed results based on what you want.

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Search Engine Optimization

To complete the trio of our web marketing solutions, EQOD also provides SEO solutions for businesses who want to stay on top of their game. See improvements on your search results and increase citation listings with our SEO services.

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Contact Center

With a myriad of industries, there are businesses that need to communicate with their clients and customers. Effective and successful engagement is key, as consumer impression can either make or break the business.

EQOD provides complete contact center services. Be it inbound contacts for customer service and feedback, outbound calls for sales and follow-ups, or a full-on omni-channel customer interaction, we are equipped with the latest contact and call placement apps, records indexing and retrieval programs, and robust servers and data infrastructure that can readily handle your contacts database.

Inbound Interaction

Get first-call resolution results for your customer service calls with EQOD. Our inbound customer service representatives are thoroughly immersed in customer-centric metrics so they can deal with your client’s issues and concerns in the most efficient way.

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Outbound Contacts

Get the most out of your customer database with our lead generation and appointment setting agents. You will have the processes and the tools that you need to connect and interact with your customers and build your contacts.

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